Local Selling Tips

Make Your Home Stand Out
There are numerous ways to make your home more attractive to buyers:

Stage your home for potential purchasers. In your eyes, your
home may be decorated to the tee, but to a potential buyer with different taste, your choices may impact their decision.


  • Remove personal items such as family photos from the line of site. Potential buyers are trying to imagine themselves in the space. Seeing reminders of your time spent there can make that difficult.
  • Remove clutter - even if you don't think it is clutter. Empty spaces seem bigger, lighter and more appealing.
  • Consider making quick, inexpensive cosmetic changes to attract a wider range of buyers. A fresh coat of neutral colored paint can greatly change the appearance of any room and increase your final selling prices.
  • Don't forget curb appeal. A prospect's first impression comes from the outside of the property. Make sure it is maintained on a frequent basis.


Feeling like you need a change?
Maybe you just want the latest and the greatest or you need more space for the two kids you didn't have when you bought your home a few years ago. If you read the paper or watch the news, you may be afraid that
now is not the time to sell your home and move up to that new home. In reality, this is could be the best time to buy your next home.

You may be thinking to yourself, "but I have a home to sell and I certainly won't be selling high in this market". That may be true, but if you're a move-up buyer, you'll be buying the more expensive home at a discount as well.
Homeowners are still realizing profits. This is especially true for individuals who have held property for at least three years. Real estate is an investment for the long term, with U.S. prices growing almost every year since 1950.
Buying a larger home and selling your existing residence in today's market could provide you with more accumulated wealth than you could have made by buying and selling at the top of the market. Remember, you'll be buying the more expensive home at a discount as well.
The best way to start is to work with a professional - someone who can guide you and be your champion! I can help you understand the opportunities in our local real estate market. I can analyze the market conditions, recent sales, and expired listings to give you a realistic assessment of your home's value and recommend some proven strategies for preparing your home for sale. I can also help you assess your buying power in today's market.